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E.a.R.L Coding Robot

E.a.R.L Coding Robot

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What’s in the Box?

1 coding robot, instructions


E.a.R.L came from outer space, and he's here to help elementary educators teach programming like pros! E.a.R.L the Coding Robot was designed by coding education specialists and is the perfect resource for children and teachers taking their first steps in their coding journeys.
You and your pupils will be quick to fall in love with this floor robot; his colourful lights and sounds help to provide a multi-sensory experience for pupils as well as teach the basics of computational thinking and programming. You can even record your own sounds for EaRL to playback.
Teaching coding robotics can feel overwhelming, but EaRL comes with learning resources to guide you through programming lessons. Pupils begin by coding directly using the buttons on top of E.a.R.L's shell. Then they can move on to programming EaRL remotely via USB from a computer using Scratch. He is perfect for nurturing the future engineers, coders and programmers in your classroom!

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